They Just Don’t Get It

Sometimes, in the news, I’ve several stories about people saying stuff like; “New Found Manuscript Shed’s Light On Jesus Life”. In one such news stories, the guy who had just published a book on the subject stated that Jesus Christ didn’t really die on the cross, He just went into a coma. Another news story states that Jesus Christ didn’t really walk on water, the lake was covered in ice and he just looked like He was walking on water.

Of course, this is all nothing new. For thousands of years people have tried to discount and disprove the truths of the Bible, and the beliefs of true Christianity. They have even killed people who believe in Jesus Christ.

The problem is, a lot of these people try to treat Christianity as just another “religion”, when true Christianity is anything BUT another “religion”.

You see – all other religions are based upon certain rituals and writings of so called “prophets”, etc. And so, when people set out to disprove Christianity they think if they can just come up with some “new” found writing or discovery that “disproves” the Bible, they will defeat Christianity.

But the one thing they don’t seem to understand is that Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ – it is something that changes lives, that brings to it’s true followers a peace and joy beyond explanation, and true Christianity is the only “religion” (if you want to call it that) that actually changes a person from the inside out.

People can attempt to discredit and disprove Christianity all they want – but the true love of God, the peace that passes all understanding, the joy unspeakable that one experiences when they have a TRUE relationship with Jesus Christ can NEVER be disproved. And until one comes to know God personally and experiences the relationship of a life completely surrendered to Him, they will never “Get It” as far as Christianity is concerned.

True Christianity is the the furthest thing from the so-called “religions” of this world as it can possibly be. It’s personal!

I like the words of this song:

There are some things I may not know,
There are some places I can’t go,
But I am sure of this one thing,
My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul.

I cannot tell just how it felt when Jesus washed my sins away,
But since that day yes since that hour,
God has been real for I can feel His mighty power.

My God is real, He’s real in my soul,
My God is real for He has washed and made my whole,
His love for me, is like pure gold.
My God is real for I can feel Him in my soul.

Knowing Jesus Christ as our personal Savior is the BEST thing we can ever know. He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us, and He loves us more than we could ever imagine or explain. Our God is an AWESOME God!!!

Author: Joshua Goodling

Joshua Goodling is a terminal cancer survivor, speaker, and author. His messages, books, and writings have inspired and encouraged people all over the world. Follow the link at the top of the site to visit his website: