Joshua Goodling: Terminal Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Author


Joshua Goodling has worked in corporate America for over 20 years, including 8 years at WebMD and 8 years at PGi (both in Atlanta). He has held many different positions ranging from a data entry operator to director of web development. Through out his experience, he has learned much about the corporate environment, what works, and what doesn't work.

One of his former superiors wrote this about him:

"Joshua realized that work is not just a place to do a job, but it is also a place where a group of people are more or less forced to spend a lot of time together. He did everything he could to make the job more fun and if possible, to bring a smile to anyone he encountered during the course of the day. Joshua always understood that clients and coworkers are first of all people with the same problems and needs that everyone else has."

At every company Joshua has worked for, he has sought to put others first, give the best performance no matter what the environment, and attempt to make everyone else around him smile and have a great day! Wait until you hear about the "Smile Room!"

When Joshua comes to speak to small offices or large corporate events, he speaks about Finding Happiness in the Workplace, and about Making A Difference. When people hear his life story about overcoming obstacles, bouncing back when your chances are zero, and being successful and the best at whatever you find yourself doing, they are challenged, inspired, and they see how important our actions are each and every day.


Thanks for reminding us what we are on earth to do, and how we should live. That you have such a great outlook on life after all the adversity you have faced is? really humbling.

An employee

The conference evaluations are beginning to come in and so far they are showing that this is one of the best conferences we have ever had. The positive feedback is because of you and the part you played in making it such a success!

A meeting planner

Wow Joshua! you are incredible!

An employee

Fantastic job! Your points were all extremely useful and inspirational. This is a great seminar!

An employee

I wasn't sure what to expect from the presentation, but I found it rewarding and applicable to everyday. A great reminder of the power of perspective! Thank you!

An employee

Joshua's seminar on "Finding Happiness in the Workplace" was both motivational and thought-provoking. He did a fantastic job of connecting with his audience and made a lasting impression for all in attendance.

A director

Read Joshua's article "Co-Workers Are People Too!".

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