Joshua Goodling: Terminal Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Author


How to Walk With GOD is a 20 page booklet that Joshua wrote to hand out to students when he speaks to FCA huddles and other Christian youth meetings.

Joshua usually only has about 15 or 20 minutes to speak when he goes to the before school FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) clubs at schools. That is barely enough time to introduce himself and share briefly his personal life story and testimony. Realizing this, Joshua decided to write a small booklet that he would be able to leave with students and others. In this small booklet, Joshua talks about how to truly know Jesus Christ, and how to experience a life-changing, daily relationship with Almighty GOD. The booklet is written in a very clear and easy to understand way, so that young people will be able to easily grasp it's meaning and it will be helpful to them.

If you would like a copy of this booklet, or multiple copies to hand out to your youth group, FCA huddle, or students, you may contact Joshua. You may also view the book online at:, or you may download a free PDF of the book here: HowToWalk.pdf! Donations to help pay for printing costs are greatly appreciated!


“ I just finished reading your book, 'How to walk with God.' I loved it and the book had me thinking alot and opened my eyes more about Christianity. I feel alot more closer to God now and I'd like to thank you for that!“

A High School Student

“Thank you so much for coming to my school and speaking to us! I really appreciate that you took your time to come to my school and talk to me and my FCA group. Your message really spoke to me. I read your booklet that you gave us as soon as I got home from school, it taught me many new ways to be humble and communicate with Jesus! Thank you so much for coming to my FCA and speaking and giving us your booklets!“

A Middle School Student