Joshua Goodling: Terminal Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Author

What If...

By Joshua Goodling

The story is told of a mail carrier who lived in a village in Europe that had many rivers and waterways running through it. The mail carrier would use a canoe on his daily route to deliver the mail. Many people over the years asked him why he didn't wear a life preserver or at least learn to swim. To which he would always reply that he didn't need a life preserver, and he didn't need to know how to swim. Nothing had happened to him yet, and nothing was going to happen. One day as he set out on his route, a sudden storm came and it began to rain, and the wind began to blow hard. He wasn't afraid though, he had been through worse he thought. Well, he hadn't ever experienced a storm like this one, one of the worst storms in the history of the village. During the storm his canoe was capsized, and unable to swim, he drowned. People had warned him for years, but not wanting to be weighed down with a life preserver or be bothered with swimming lessons - he had just ignored their warnings.

Many people in life are like that mail carrier. They have been warned and told time and again about what will happen to people who reject the love of God, but they think it's not true. The stuff the Bible says about hell and the price one will pay for not believing in Jesus Christ can't possibly be correct. In fact, some people have even gone as far as to say there is no God.

But just stop and consider something for a moment. Are you one of those people who have so far rejected Jesus Christ's offer of eternal life? What if the warnings in the Bible ARE true? What if people who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior WILL die and go to hell? What if there is a penalty one MUST pay for the wrongs they have done in life? What if you're WRONG about there being no God? What if you're WRONG about believing in Jesus Christ not being necessary? Are you prepared to gamble all of eternity on that?

Everyone knows the story of the Titanic. People said it was indestructible, it would never sink, and now it is at the bottom of the ocean in pieces.

When man first invented the automobile, some people said if man ever went faster than 30 mph, it would kill him. However, now people fly jets at hundreds of miles per hour without even batting an eye.

When Bill Gates first mentioned the idea of a personal computer, he was told that people would never need a computer in their home. Today some people have multiple computers and our lives are complete wrapped up in them it seems. It's hard to even function without one.

In all of these above instances, people thought they knew everything. They thought they knew all the answers - yet they were wrong. Yet, none of these compare to the terrible tragedy many will face in being wrong about Jesus Christ.

Just think what a terrible tragedy it would be for someone to die thinking there is no God, or one doesn't need to believe in Jesus Christ, only to wake up in Hell and find they were wrong. So, before you just brush off the possibility of there being no God, or no need for salvation - consider whether you're willing to take the "risk"!

And believe me, I know from experience that there IS a God. And that salvation through faith in Jesus Christ can make your life the best it could ever possibly be. God doesn't want to destroy your life - He will make your life 1000% better!

I realize not everyone will agree with me on this. And that's perfectly fine. I'm not trying to force anyone to become a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm just telling you I BELIEVE in Him, and He's made a HUGE difference in my life.

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