Joshua Goodling: Terminal Cancer Survivor, Speaker, Author

Support and Gifts

Your financial support and gifts are greatly appreciated as Joshua seeks to make an impact on our young people by speaking, writing, and making a difference. He doesn't charge anything for his speaking or publications, but depends completely upon God to meet and supply his needs.

Since 2013, Joshua has shared his messages in over 180 schools across Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina! Over 6000 copies of his booklet "How to Walk With God" are now in the hands of young people.

During this COVID crisis, he is sending booklets FREE to schools all over the United States. Your contribution helps him reach young people like these:

"Your story amazed me! You have made me think really hard about my life. I have had some really bad troubles in my life, but hearing yours I've realized that I'm a luckier one. I just love how you are not afraid to be who you are, and not afraid to tell your story. You are an amazing person and I will always remember the day I heard you."

A Middle School Student

"I heard your speech today during school and it was amazing! I love how you didn't let your problems affect you. I also think its great that you always think about others and not yourself, it would be easy to just think about you and your problems but you always think about others. Your speech helped me so much with dealing with the stresses of studdering and in school in general. I think you have moved a lot of people with your story and how you deal with your problems and difficulties."

A Middle School Student

"Your story was incredible and it really touched me. I realized how it doesn't matter the obstacles life throws at you, we should trust in God the whole way like you did. I told your story to my mom at home and looked at your website, and it really touched her too. I just wanted to thank you so much for taking your time to talk to us."

A High School Student

"I just wanna let you know that your message today moved every person in that room and changed their perspective on God. I was on the verge of suicide because of what has been said to me and about me and you changed my mind. you have completely changed my thoughts about what people say to me. I'm so glad you came today."

A High School Student

"I just wanted to say thank you for speaking to us. It really made an impact not only on my day but it has made an impact on my life forever. Knowing what you have been through, to see you have such hope and positive and joy in your life makes me want to have the same. At WBMS I have seen other speakers, but none of them come even close to how impactful and motivational as yours was. You taught me how to be closer to God, talk to God, and have a better relationship to God."

A Middle School Student

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