About Joshua

At the age of only four, Joshua Goodling was diagnosed with a deadly terminal cancer. The doctors told his parents he had only one week to live, and his chances of survival were zero! That was over 50 years ago, so it's been a LONG week! After many months of surgeries and treatments, and two long bouts with the disease, the cancer was eventually gone, but it left him with many obstacles to overcome. Joshua's vocal chords were partially paralyzed, his growth was stunted, and he was faced with new daily challenges and difficulties that would remain with him for the rest of his life.

Humanly speaking, Joshua's life was destroyed by this cancerous monster that had disrupted it. He had every right, in some people's eyes, to be mad at God for bringing this into his life. However, Joshua soon learned that God wasn't destroying his life by giving him cancer, He was creating Joshua's life.

Today, when he stands in front of an audience speaking about overcoming life's difficulties, finding true happiness, developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or whatever the topic for that event may be, Joshua sees tears coming down the faces of many who are listening. He hears people come up to him afterwards and say things like; "Joshua, your story just changed my life!". He soon began to realize God knew all along what He was doing when he gave him cancer. Joshua now has a story to tell of how amazing and awesome God is, and that no matter how "dark" our trials may be in this life - they are all part of His perfect plan, and He knows exactly what He is doing!

When he first started speaking, people told him; "Joshua, you can't do this....you have all these problems, you have physical disabilities, etc.," And they were right. He can't do it in his own strength. However, the Bible tells us, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13). And through Him, we can bounce back even when our chances may be zero!

In October of 2020, Joshua had a stroke. While this has slowed him down a bit as he learns to deal with the additional difficulties and hardships, he continues to seek to use his life to make a difference and inspire others.

At schools, churches, and other events all over the United States, God has used Joshua's story to reach people who need to hear a message of hope, of encouragement, and of inspiration. Contact Joshua today about sharing his story with your audience anywhere in the world.

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A Student

One of the best speakers I've ever heard!

A School Counselor

Everytime I hear Joshua speak, I am encouraged and inspired.

A Student

Your testimony was the most inspiring thing I have ever heard.
Your message has truly inspired me to change my life and think more of others.

A Teacher

I was very moved by your story. And, I can't get over how well you connected with the students today.
I wish everyone I know could hear you!

A Pastor

Joshua has a powerful story and he tells it well.
It is a story about suffering and the sovereignty of God, and Joshua has integrated the truth of both into his life like few I've known.


"In my 15 years of FCA ministry and nearly 30 years of youth ministry, I've never seen a greater impact on students' hearts than Joshua Goodling's testimony! Every audience: whether middle school, high school, college or adult, listens intently, each person seems to identify in some way with Joshua's struggles. People come away spiritually refreshed with a positive attitude like: "if Joshua can trust God then I can too!" Joshua has shared his testimony in more than a dozen FCA huddles throughout our area, and he has spoken at several churches, including mine, All very well received! Joshua's greatest desire is to share God's love and grace through his unique story. Book Joshua Goodling to speak to your group of any size or age. You will be blessed!"

Steve McAuley – FCA Director/Chaplain

"Our January chapel speaker at Rivers Edge Christian Academy was Mr. Joshua Goodling. I had never met Joshua before, but he was highly recommended by another parent at our school that had heard him speak. I was told his testimony was fantastic and to not allow his speech impediment to dissuade me from asking him to talk to my very young students. This small, kind, and humble man showed up at our school early on chapel morning. I really wondered if he would be able to hold the attention of my 120 students that were kindergarten through 5th grade, but you could have heard a pin drop when he began to tell the students the incredible medical journey that he had been on and how God had rescued him time and again from death's door. He gave Jesus Christ all the glory in not only his medical miracles, but for the opportunities he had been given because of his disease. My students left chapel that morning, but the discussion of this man and his impact carried into classroom conversations the rest of the school day!

Lori Major – Elementary Campus Administrator

"According to the medical experts, Joshua should have died 46 years ago. Instead, God's perfect plan for Joshua includes being a cancer survivor. Joshua recognizes that the Lord is directly involved with his survival and has trusted Jesus Christ as His Savior. He has a passion to communicate this message of hope, a message that is greater than simply being inspiring. He is pointing people to his Savior from an angle that many people do not have. You recognize his uniqueness at the very beginning when he walks to the platform and begins speaking. God's power is evident in Joshua's life and he wants to be used for God's glory. I would ask that you consider having Joshua Goodling at your church to share his special testimony of God's grace.

Bobby McCoy – Pastor