A Lesson To Learn

Recently, off the coast of North Carolina, a six year old girl was bitten twice by a shark. Thankfully, the girl is fine and after a few weeks of healing – she’ll be back to her normal self.

But, the lesson to be learned is in how she reacted. A few days after the attack, while recovering from the ordeal, the little 6 year old girl told her mother; “I don’t care that the shark bit me, I forgive him.”

In a world where people sue someone at the drop of a hat, and the slightest inconveniencing someone on a highway leads to road rage – we could learn a LOT from this little girl. Too many people in this world only care about 3 things. 1. ME, 2. MYSELF, and 3. I. And we are “programmed” by the news, media, and entertainment of our day to think that everything is all about US – that we deserve this or that.

The ONLY true happiness and joy that can be found in this life is when we learn it’s NOT about us – it’s about Jesus and others.

Now, “forgiving” a shark for biting us might be a cute little story of a six year old girl’s innocent outlook on life – but in that story is a HUGE lesson we all could learn. The next time (well, in fact everytime) someone does something rude, mean, or hateful to us – why not just forgive them and go on. Or better yet, why not react with kindness towards them.

Remember – Life is what YOU make it, and the impact YOU have on the world around you!

Author: Joshua Goodling

Joshua Goodling is a terminal cancer survivor, speaker, and author. His messages, books, and writings have inspired and encouraged people all over the world. Follow the link at the top of the site to visit his website: http://www.joshuagoodling.com.