Have A Fantastic Day!

An Article By Joshua Goodling

A gentleman going along a small country road, met a man to whom he courteously wished, "Good morning!"

"I have never had a bad one!" replied the man. "That is good, I hope that you will always be so fortunate."

"I was never unfortunate." was the reply. "Well, I wish you may always be happy!" "I am never unhappy either." said the man. "I wish," said the gentleman, "that you would explain yourself."

"That I will certainly do. I never had a bad morning, for every morning I praise God! If it rains or snows; whether it be bright or stormy, I am still thankful to God. You wished that I might always be so fortunate, but I cannot be unfortunate, for nothing befalls me, but according to the will of God. And His will is always good, in whatever He does or permits to be done. You wished me always to be happy, but I cannot be unhappy while I am doing the will of God, and as long as His peace rules in my heart!"

How true are the words of this man. We are to be HAPPY in our Christian life! Yet it never ceases to amaze me how many Christians live in total misery and unhappiness. It seems they always worry about something, have something to complain about, or have some problem that they are trying to figure out on their own.

In I Peter 1:8, the apostle Peter describes the joy of the Christian as; "...Unspeakable and full of glory:". And the apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:4; "Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say REJOICE!" Yet, while these commandments and all the promises of God are ours to claim and obey, it seems many would rather live in misery than be happy.

There are hundreds of times I have asked a person how they were doing, only to get a reply like; "Well, I'm okay under the circumstances." WELL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER THEM?

As a Christian, we are to live ABOVE the circumstances. Our entire life is to be in God's hands. Everything in our life (our past, present, and future, our possessions, our position, our profession) belongs to God. In fact, NOTHING is ours to control, EVERYTHING is to be in God's control. And, since these things all belong to God, we have no business trying to get them "figured out" or "fixed", we are to leave our life entirely to God. We are to allow Him to do with our lives whatever He wishes and plans. The Bible tells us that the ways of God are beyond our understanding, that is why we so often get worried and upset about things. We cannot understand many things because we do not see the whole picture, we do not see the end results, but God does, and God knows what is best for us. My friend, we are not to rely on our wisdom or human understanding, we are to rely TOTALLY upon God! If God is powerful and wise enough to create us, He certainly is powerful and wise enough to take care of the circumstances in our lives.

Another reason so many Christians are unhappy, is because they have not TOTALLY surrendered their entire life COMPLETELY to God. When we have done this, we will be happy no matter what the circumstances may be. No matter what seems to go "wrong", we can understand that God knows what He is doing and allow Him to take control. That is why Paul and Silas were singing in prison. They were completely surrendered to God, and knew that NOTHING could happen to them unless God allowed it.

Paul wrote to the church at Corinth; "Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you: I am filled with comfort, I am exceeding joyful in ALL our tribulation."

Proverbs 16:20 sums this matter up well; "He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he." In other words, if you want to be happy, if you want a life free of worry and distress, your only hope is to TRUST God COMPLETELY! Trust God in all areas of your life, in every single decision you make, in every choice you make, in every goal you plan, and in every desire you follow after, TRUST IN THE LORD ALWAYS! "Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the Lord!" (Psalm 144:15)

If God is truly your Lord, and you are faithful in trusting Him, there is no excuse for having a "bad day", for every day should be a day of true JOY!

God has many promises for those who trust and serve Him. He has promised to meet EVERY need you have. You will never be without that which God knows you have need of. He has promised to always be with us. David wrote in Psalm 23; "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear NO EVIL: for thou art with me..." Notice, he said even when in the shadows of death, when everything seems dark and hopeless, we can still be as happy as when everything is going well, because God is right there with us! God has promised us that ALL things work together for good to them who love Him.

Now, since God will meet ALL our needs, and will ALWAYS be with us, and has promised that ALL things work together for good, and He will not allow anything to happen to us that is not in His will, WHAT REASON DO WE HAVE NOT TO BE HAPPY?

I guarantee you that this is not the easiest thing in the world to comprehend and impart in our lives, because we are human, and try to run things our own way by nature. The question is, are we willing to let go and let God have control? That is the only way to experience true Joy, and always be FANTASTIC.

Everyday we must once again surrender all to God. The happiness of our lives depends entirely upon us. We can't blame others, we can't blame circumstances, we can't blame ANYTHING but ourselves. Life is what YOU make it. When we decide we want to truly experience Joy, and be happy, we can and we will. True happiness and therefore, real JOY, is in the HEART, not in the circumstances.

Helen Keller, who was blind, once said; "Resolve to be happy, and your joy shall form an invincible host against any difficulty." To be truthful, having a FANTASTIC Day is entirely up to you!

Now, if you do not personally know the LORD as your Savior, you will no doubt have many days that are miserable and certainly not fantastic. But, you can make THIS DAY, the MOST FANTASTIC DAY of your life by placing your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He can make your life worth living, can heal your pains and sorrows, and can give you complete peace and joy in your life. Then, no matter what may come, you will have a wonderful Friend to guide you through all of life's seemingly "difficult" moments.

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