“I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude for the work you do with our students. I work at Villa Rica High School, and several of my students work with the 12 for Life program at Southwire. You recently spoke to students at 12 for Life, and I am so glad you were able to come out. Since I am with the high school, I was unable to attend your seminar and in fact did not know you visited until one of my students came by today to talk to me. He said you have really changed his outlook on both school and life. I have noticed a positive change in his performance, and he credited much of that to your influence. He has been struggling this year and even considering dropping out, so it's great to see such a change in him. I cannot thank you enough!"

Emily Tucker – Teacher – Villa Rica High School

“Joshua Goodling spoke at our middle school Christian club earlier this school year. Students were so moved by his testimony that many of them expressed that they believed he was talking directly to them. Some of them who have been dealing with divorce of parents, home issues, problems at school, etc. were encouraged by his moving testimony. They continue to ask when he is coming back to speak again. Joshua's life is a perfect example for students of how to respond when dealing with any type of adversity. He finds his strength and purpose in God and is using his testimony to minister to students. We thank God for him!"

Dana Townsend – Teacher – Mill Creek Middle School

“Joshua, I just wanted to thank you for your presentation during our Character Month Celebration Day we hosted at Durham Middle School in September of this year. We had over three hundred and fifty eighth graders and two hundred plus third graders from a local elementary school in attendance. When you spoke I was amazed at how quite the students became. The teachers who were attendance were amazed as well because it was evident that we were not needed for discipline reasons. That is a rarity especially in middle school. Your message not only resonated with our students but the teachers in attendance as well. Even the next day students and teachers were talking about how your message inspired them in their own special way. I can't wait to have you come back and speak again to our whole student body. Thank you for your passion for life and quest to build a better world through our children."

David Cunningham – Teacher – Durham Middle School

“In a world where so many people are trying to find their identity or be like someone else it was so refreshing, uplifting and encouraging to meet the grounded and authentic Joshua Goodling and learn how he has not conformed to the patterns of this world! He redefined individuality and demonstrated life's purpose front and center to Simpson Middle school's FCA Friday morning gathering in Marietta, GA. We had the privilege of learning all about Joshua's journey from the valleys to the peaks and it left an indelible impression on everyone in attendance. To hear his story and how he has chosen to make a difference in spite of the challenges which were declared impossible to overcome is a testament to his faith and purpose in Jesus Christ. He will remove any empathy, pity, negativity, self-doubt or apprehension you have about tackling life's challenges against what sometimes feels like insurmountable odds! Joshua Goodling is a gift to life and inspiration for any audience or individual whose life he intersects. We are so very grateful he pursued us to come speak and in turn it is without hesitation that I'd encourage you to consider him if you are looking for a unique, passionate, inspirational addition to any event you are planning. Joshua might be diminutive in stature but he towers over Sequoia trees with the courage he attacks life. You will never forget Joshua Goodling! I Promise! Thank you Joshua and press on!"

Mike and Linda Gilliam – FCA Sponsors – Simpson Middle School

“On behalf of Forsyth/Dawson FCA, I want to send you a heartfelt thank you for speaking at Piney Grove Middle School yesterday. I was absolutely mesmerized by your story. It was by far one of the most powerful messages I have ever heard, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Many parents have emailed me to say that their kids can't stop talking about you and your message. More than a few have said that their kids were so moved by you that when they talk about what they learned it brings them to tears. One mom wrote to tell me that her son said that you were the most inspirational speaker he has ever heard, and that he got more out of your message than he ever has at church or any other spiritual gathering. In my own son's words, "That was the most awesome testimony ever!" You certainly had a huge impact on these kids. Your message of how God created each of us with a specific purpose is so timely for our middle school youth. I believe that no one can deliver it more effectively than you. God is using you in mighty ways. You obviously know the purpose for which God made you. All who have the honor of meeting you and hearing you speak are truly blessed. Bless you as continue to inspire and glorify God through your testimony."

Jodi Garner – Board Member – Forsyth/Dawson FCA

“When Joshua Goodling took to the stage at the CURE Childhood Cancer Quiet Heroes luncheon, you could hear a pin drop. This courageous man told the packed ballroom how he had survived a terminal diagnosis of childhood cancer, and how he's used his survival story to give light and hope to others. Many in the room, myself included, were moved to tears by his story. But Joshua also had us laughing about the lighter moments he's had along the way. All in all, I was impressed and amazed. What a testimony he has."

Allison Weiss Entrekin – Former Editor-in-Chief – Simply Buckhead Magazine

“Joshua Goodling tells an amazing story of how God can use anyone to serve others. His message explained how God has a unique plan for everyone. Joshua encouraged our students to strive to help others no matter what your talents may be. I am sure that the impact Joshua had during his meeting with us will be everlasting."

Aaron Daniels – Coach – South Forsyth Middle School

“Thank you so much for speaking at our FCA meeting on Friday. Your message was inspiring and uplifting to all of us. It was the first time that our students have ask to take pictures with our guest speaker. That is a great compliment to you. Many of my students told me later in the day how your story touched their hearts. It is such a wonderful testament of the positive influence you have on others."

Penny Vickery – Teacher – Otwell Middle School

“As the keynote speaker for the 2012 'A Tribute to Our Quiet Heroes,' a luncheon honoring mothers of children with cancer, Joshua inspired hundreds with his story of survival and determination. Not only did he defy the odds and beat cancer, but he has chosen to face life with a positive attitude and not allow himself to be held back by challenges he faces because of the treatment he endured. His message was very relevant and such a message of hope for all who face trials of their own."

Kristin Connor – Executive Director – CURE Childhood Cancer

“That was one of the best chapel services we've had in a long time, I genuinely have never seen the students so attentive and engaged with a speaker. Thank you SO much for sharing your testimony! It was so powerful and very timely for many of our students and teachers...My speech class talked about your presentation after chapel and I have never heard my students speak so highly of a speaker...your message really hit home. Thanks for sharing your story with us and just shining the light of the Lord so well."

Kayla Marsh – Drama/Communication Teacher – Whitefield Academy

“We had the privilege of having Joshua Goodling speak to our entire 7th grade student body about making good choices. As he spoke, approximately 340 students sat listening, and hanging on every word as he talked about the importance of choices we make. I feel that his presentation will prove to be a pivotal moment for some of our students."

Tim Boyd – Head Coach – Chestatee Academy Middle School

“The School Nutrition Association of South Carolina was privileged to hear Joshua's story on October 9, 2011 at our 58th Annual Conference. He challenged and inspired us all by his life. He is the epitome of taking life's lemons and making lemonade. We shall never forget the lessons we learned from him and will be better servants for it. Please keep sharing your message, the world needs to hear it."

Imogene F. Clarke – Conference Chairperson, Vice President – School Nutrition Association of South Carolina

“Recently I invited Joshua Goodling to come to Indianapolis, IN to spend a day speaking to troubled youth in the inner city. I serve as a volunteer chaplain at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center in Indianapolis. The young men I minister to have great struggles to overcome. It's the common ground of struggle that connected Joshua to the hearts of these youth. Throughout the day, as Joshua shared his life story, you could see the eyes of these youth begin to open. Their eyes opened to the story of a man who faced impossible adversity and never gave up. They heard his voice and saw his physical frame which although affected by a deadly disease, stood tall before them as an overcomer. It's that story of being an overcomer that these youth needed to hear. Even though some of the guys would snicker when they first saw Joshua, once they began to hear his story unfold they were literally on the edge of their seats to learn from a man who has, with God's help and strength, overcome. I've heard Joshua speak many times and have used him in my ministry. He has a unique ability to inspire others to overcome trials, never give up and have great faith in God. I've never met anyone else who was given a zero chance of survival, has overcome great obstacles, and has been used in such a great way. I highly recommend Joshua for your next speaking event.

Ken Turner – President/Founder –High Impact Teens

“Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our 2009 annual conference in Orlando. We appreciate your willingness to share your personal story and allow it to inspire others. The conference evaluations are beginning to come in and so far they are showing that this is one of the best conferences we have ever had. The positive feedback is because of you and the part you played in making it such a success! On behalf of the members of this Association, thank you for making a difference in our lives and becoming part of our family. What a wonderful job you did — and how about that standing ovation!?!?!"

Judy Laster – Former Executive Director –Florida School Nutrition Association

“Working in corporate America we are faced with high pressure timelines and many demands which a person can easy get caught up in and can become very stressful. Joshua spoke about finding true happiness in your life and how to focus on the positives within you and around you to bring out the best in yourself and each individual you may encounter. Joshua is one of the most positive, genuine and encouraging individuals I have ever encountered in my life. He shares his own life's challenges and shows by example how you can turn what the world would view as negatives into positives for yourself and those you encounter in your daily life. Joshua has been handicapped by the challenges he has faced, initially his voice is hard to understand, but he immediately has his audience hanging on every word he speaks. He delivers a very positive message that encourages his audience to look within themselves and find their own happiness from within. I would highly recommend Joshua to be a keynote speaker at your event. I am sure you will have the same positive and encouraging experience I did."

Holly Zulauf – Director, Client Delivery Services –

“Joshua is such an inspiration to everyone he meets. I'm an entrepreneur that is building my own company and when I'm having a tough day all I have to do is pick up the phone and call him, he ALWAYS has a positive attitude and something great to say that cheers me up, no matter how down I get. I am constantly amazed at how he remains so positive despite all of the adversities he has to overcome on a daily basis. There is not another person I have met that would compare to Joshua and his outlook on life."

Marci Troutman – Founder & CEO – Siteminis Inc.

“Joshua Goodling was an inspiration and encouragement to our church family. He is a living example of my encouragement to grasp what God has called you to do and not be concerned with difficulties presented. Because of his message, our church was able to invite to our service several people who were either struggling with cancer or were "survivors." Thus, our meeting was both edifying to our church body and evangelistic to our community."

Philip Green – Pastor – First Baptist Church Pavilion New York

"Joshua has a powerful story and he tells it well. It is a story about suffering and the sovereignty of God, and Joshua has integrated the truth of both into his life like few I've known. His joy and clear understanding of the call of God on his life exalt Jesus and display Him for just who He is...our magnificent Maker and King!"

Trent Thompson – High School & Community Pastor – First Evangelical Free Church of Austin

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